Drug Intervention

Drug Intervention

"Intervention" is a reality show that is aired on AETV. I read about this show on another website about drug addiction. The impression of the show I got from that article was negative. According to the article, the one hour program shows the lifestyle of an addict and then sends them to treatment and within the hour they are cured. That is far from the truth about this excellent reality TV show. The show seeks out to intervene in a drug addicts life in order to help them get into treatment. With the help of family and friends, a camera crew follows the addict around and learns about their behaviors as far as social interaction and everyday life. The addict is lead to believe they are participating in a documentary about drug abuse and has no idea they will be facing an intervention. The intervention consists of counselors coaching family and friends to help them confront their loved one with cold hard facts about their demise in hopes of the addict agreeing to accept treatment.

This show is very emotional and it is real. At the end of each show, they tell you what happened to each person after treatment. Not all are success stories, and many times you will see that the addict relapsed after treatment. But you will also see that many of these people that relapsed, are now doing much better and live normal lives without the drugs. So, are treatment centers good or bad? It is my opinion that it solely depends on how bad the addict wants to get help and stay clean. For anyone that has not seen this show, check your local listings or log on to
Intervention TV for more information. You will also find information about different types of drugs and their effects. And you can even view video about what really happens after the cameras stopped rolling. Visit the community discussion boards where you can follow up with the recovering and former addicts. This show has been nominated for the 2007 Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming.


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