DXM- An Over-the-Counter Drug


DXM is a drug that you probably have sitting along side your medications. DXM is short for "Dextromethorphan" and it can make a person high. This drug is found in over-the-counter- cold medications, and even though you may not be aware of its potential, drug abusers know all about it. DXM is popular amongst the young crowd. After all, it is very easy to get.

DXM can produce a high that is similar to that of LSD. An out-of-body state, hallucinations, and/or vivid dreams are a few affects. Theft of this drug has been at an all time high and that is why you may see your favorite cold medicine no longer freely available. Many stores have started putting these products behind the pharmacy counter which would require the buyer to ask for it in person.

Coricidin is the most popular medicine containing DXM. It takes a large overdose just to produce the high. When taken in large quantities, this drug can cause health problems such as rapid heart beat, increased blood pressure, kidney or liver damage, lethargy, seizures and even death. Emergency rooms have reported an increase in cases involving DXM, especially cases involving teens.

Check your medicine cabinet now and next time you are at the store thinking about buying cold medication, please remember this information:
  • DXM is found in over 140 products
  • Look for products labeled "TUSS" or "DM"

Signs that someone is an abuser of DXM:
  • dilated pupils
  • dizziness
  • loss of coordination
  • slurred speech

Awareness is the key to prevention. BE ALERT!

(Note: Some also refer to this drug as DMX)


Andrew said...

Very good information.

I never knew how easily drugs can be obtained, it's about time the government puts down the iron fist and takes charge.

The only thing I've heard was the allergy medicines and crystal meth.

selva said...

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brook said...

Through your article I came to know about Dextromethorphan. This drug is causing many health hazards to human beings. Government should take necessary steps to ban this drug.


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