Recognizing Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia

If you suspect someone you love is using drugs, but aren't sure how to identify various drugs and the paraphernalia associated with those drugs, here are some tips. Visit the multi-media library provided by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to view pictures of many types of drugs. There are various types of paraphernalia that drug abusers use to smoke a drug with. Some of the items used can be very surprising and shocking. A drug abuser must try to conceal their drug in order not to get caught by the law or loved ones. Here are a few examples of drugs and paraphernalia.

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Have you ever been out walking or driving along a street and happen to see a pair of shoes hanging from a power line? If you answered yes, did you wonder how in the world those shoes got way up there and why were they there? I have the answer for you. A pair of shoes hanging over a line( called "drug shoes") is a sign that there is a drug dealer in the immediate area. It means that a person can buy drugs close by. I think this is silly because surely cops can see this and eventually arrest these drug dealers.

I was shocked to find out the ways an addict can conceal their drugs these days. One way is in a tube of lipstick. Somehow, they manage to put a type of pipe inside the tube in order to be able to smoke drugs. Chapsticks are another strange way addicts hide drugs. A hole is put in the bottom of the tube which allows an addict to smoke drugs.

Glass tubes or pipes are really popular among crack/cocaine addicts. You may not know it, but these tubes are sold in convenience stores everyday. Have you ever seen a small single rose or flower in a small tube like a mini glass vase? Many times these are found somewhere around the checkout counter. If you witness a person buying one of these along with an SOS or Brillo metal scrub pad, chances are this person is an addict and fixing to get high. They take a small section of the scrub pad and shove it down in the tube which provides a "filter" for the drug.

Hi-Liters are also used in concealing drugs. The ink is removed and a pipe like tube is inserted in the empty marker shell. People who sometimes use these markers on their jobs will hide drugs in this manor. It is very unsuspecting, but someone who always has several markers on them at one time, especially the same color, may be a person who is an addict. I am sure there are more secret items addicts use to conceal drugs. As I become aware of them, I will add them to this page.


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