What Is Meth and How Is It Made

What Is Meth?

"Meth" is short for Methamphetamines. It is a highly addictive stimulant drug that strongly activates certain systems in the brain and greatly affects the central nervous system. Meth has a high potential for abuse and dependence. Studies have shown that meth use is widespread among the homosexual and bisexual communities. Meth can be snorted through the nose(intranasally), injected into a vein with a needle(intraveneous injection), smoked or taken orally(swallowed).
Crystal Meth

How Is Meth Made?

Meth is made illegally in make-shift or homemade meth labs. Some of these labs are so small, they can be transported in something as small as a briefcase. Many household chemicals are used as "recipes" in the production or "cooking" of meth. Below are some of those chemicals or "meth ingredients" and where they may be found.

Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine Cold and Allergy Medications and Diet Tablets
Red Phosphorus Strike Plate on Match Covers and in Highway Flares
Household Solvents and Nail Polish
Denatured or Isopropyl
Engine Starting Fluid
Isopropyl Alcohol Heet and Other Similar Products
Hydrogen Peroxide Available at Drug and Grocery Stores
Battery Acid Car Batteries
Table/Rock Salt Common Household Product
Anhydrous Ammonia Farm Fertilizer
Sulfuric Acid Drain Cleaner
Sodium Hydroxide Lye
Teat Dip or Flakes/Crystal
Lye Red Devil Lye

These are just a few of many chemicals that may be used for producing meth. As sad it is, there are many websites that actually will tell you how to make meth. The problem is widespread enough without the assistance of sources such as the internet guiding people to produce this drug. The U.S. has a major problem when it comes to drug trafficking and production. I honestly believe the federal government could do more to control the drug problem, but they are probably making money from this just as they do with tobacco. (Just my opinion) If you would like to see more chemicals used in production of meth or equipment that may be used in the process, visit this site.

Health Hazards of Meth

Methamphetamines cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and may cause irreversible damage to blood vessels in the brain, which can produce strokes. Other effects of methamphetamine include respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat, and extreme anorexia. Its use can result in cardiovascular collapse and death.

Methamphetamines release high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which stimulates brain cells, enhancing mood and body movement. It also appears to have a neurotoxic effect, damaging brain cells that contain dopamine and serotonin, another neurotransmitter. Over time, methamphetamines appear to cause reduced levels of dopamine, which can result in symptoms like those found in Parkinson's disease, a severe movement disorder.

Years of animal research show that high doses of methamphetamine damage neuron cell-endings. Dopamine- and serotonin-containing neurons do not die after methamphetamine use, but their nerve endings ("terminals") are cut back and re-growth appears to be limited.

Signs and Symptoms of Meth Abuse

Meth, when taken in large doses or for a prolonged period of time, can cause a person to become very aggressive and violent. Irritability, nervousness and frequent mood changes may become dramatic at times. Excessive talking, paranoia, including delusions, psychosis and hallucinations are common. Meth increases the body's metabolism and produces euphoria, increases alertness, and gives the abuser a sense of increased energy. An addict will tend to become very depressed and "droopy" when they have been without the drug for a long period time(a couple of hours for chronic users). Their energy level suddenly drops and they may tend to sleep for extended periods of time. After long peroids of sleep, an addict will show signs of severe depression and can even be suicidal if they don't get more drugs soon. (A sign of withdrawal) If this describes someone you know and love, please seek treatment for that person. The gift of life is the greatest gift of all. For more information on this subject please visit stop meth.

Signs of Meth Labs

If you suspect a meth lab is being operared in your neighborhood, here are a few things to be on the look out for:
  • Strong or unusual odors such as chemicals, ammonia, ether
  • Lots of traffic coming and going from a residence or hotel room
  • Residences with windows that are blacked out(dark coverings or even smoke burnt look)
  • Opened windows with fans even during really cold months
  • Alot of trash which includes many of the same items such as antifreeze bottles, coffee filters that have red stains, drain cleaner, lantern fuel cans, duct tape

Do not hesitate to call the local police if you believe this type of activity is going on in the neighborhood. Most cities have anonymous tip lines so that you do not have to go to the police station and report crimes. It is important to report any suspicious behavior whether it is concerning drugs, domestic violence, child abuse or even if you think you are being stalked.


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