Slang Names For Street Drugs

Slang Names and Words For Illegal Street Drugs

Have you ever heard someone use a term you weren't familiar with and wonder if they may be referring to a certain type of drug? There are thousands of slang names for different types of drugs. Here, I will list some of the most common names and more familiar names for a few drugs. Please keep in mind that because of the region I live in, some terms may or may not be more common than other regions. In other words, some terms I may find as common, may actually be uncommon to other people and vice versa. Either way, a complete list of these terms can be found by clicking here.

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
Coke, Big C, Booster, California Cornflakes, Crack, Devil's Dandruff, SevenUp, Electric Kool-Aid, Jelly Beans, Fries, Bubble Gum

Ecstasy (MDMA)
007's(pronounced double 0 7), Playboy Bunnies, Red Devils, E-bombs, Elephants, Smurfs, Scooby Snacks, Supermans, Tom & Jerries, x-pills, Club Drugs

A-bomb, Brown Sugar, China Cat, Climax, Doosey, Ferry Dust, Henry, Mexican Black Tar, Sweet Jesus, Smack, Skag, Junk, "H"

Joint, Bash, Bo-bo, Boom, Catnip, Chronic, Crazy Weed, Drag Weed, Doobie, Gangster, Homegrown, Herb, Mary Jane, Pot, Panama Gold, Reefer, Roach, Wacky weed

Methamphetamines (Meth)
Beanies, Blue Devils, Chalk, Crystal, Glass, Ice, Meth, Redneck Cocaine, Spackle, Speed

Angel Dust, Whack, Ozone, Rocket Fuel,
Killer Joints and Supergrass when combined with marijuana

Dangerous Drug Combinations:
C & M(cocaine & morphine), Blotter(cocaine & LSD), Candy Flipping On a String(Combining or sequencing LSD with MDMA; mixing LSD, MDMA, and cocaine), Cigamos(Combination of crack cocaine and tobacco), Chocolate Rock(crack smoked with heroin), WhackCrack (Cocaine; heroin and PCP; Crack/PCP mixture or marijuana laced with insecticides), TragicMagic(Crack dipped in PCP), Purple Haze(LSD; crack cocaine; marijuana), Squirrel(Combination of PCP and marijuana, sprinkled with cocaine and smoked; marijuana, PCP, and crack combined and smoked; LSD), Speedballing(To shoot up or smoke a mixture of cocaine and heroin; ecstasy mixed with ketamine; the simultaneous use of a stimulant with a depressant) New Jack Swing( heroin and morphine)

References to people or places:

C-joint: place where crack/cocaine is sold
Base Crazies or Chicken Scratch: a person searches on hands and feet for cocaine
Balling: vaginally implanted cocaine
Crack House or Smoke House: Place where crack is used
Steerer: person who directs customers to spots where they can buy drugs
Hitters: People who inject others who have hard to find veins in exchange for drugs

(Please note that these are just a few of the names that refer to people and places like these. There are way too many for me to name here. Visit the website below to learn about more slang names)

Drug Slang Names

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