Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms
If you believe someone you know or love is addicted to drugs and would like to know more about how to recognize the signs, you can visit Narconon's site to learn how to identify these signs and possibly which type of drug and/or drugs the user may be using. Here are some general signs that may be associated with a few types of drugs, even though each drug usually has its own characteristics.

  • Constricted pupils that look like pinpoints or small dots. ( heroin)
  • Glassy eyes and very, very large pupils. (cocaine)
  • The person lightly and frequently scratches. ( heroin)
  • Nostrils may appear raw and red. ( heroin)
  • Needle marks in arms, behind the knees or ankles and often covered by long sleeves even in hot weather. (heroin and cocaine)
  • A person may seem very pale and sweaty or extremely thirsty. ( heroin)
  • Constantly wearing sunglasses or other dark glasses.
  • A person experience "cotton mouth" and may drink inordinate amounts of water to satiate thirst and constantly lick their lips. (cocaine)
  • Borrowing money or withdrawing money by ATM in odd amounts, which may occur many times throughout the day or night. (heroin and cocaine)
  • Fits of laughter or laughing when there is no reason to laugh. (marijuana)

There are many more signs that are characteristics of certain drugs. Please visit the website to learn about all the signs and symptoms of the drug in question.


thejunkyswife said...

It's sad. I knew all the signs. I knew more signs than just these. I ignored all of them when it mattered.

polesapart said...

Thanx so much for this information. It really wakes one up!!

Clinton said...

very interesting blog, loved reading the information that you've supplied, keep the good work up, cheers