Drug Addiction: The Life Cycle Of A Drug Addict

Introduction To Understanding

Loving someone is the hardest thing anyone can ever do. Think about that statement for a few moments and you will come to realize the that it is the truth. Love hurts, but it is also the greatest gift of all. We all love someone and all have someone who loves us. Whether it be our parents, children, spouses, siblings or friends, we are all loved because even without all those loving us, there is a greater being that loves each and every one of us. Sometimes, we may feel as if there is nobody that cares, but in reality, there is. Many times, it is these types of feelings that lead to drug and alcohol addictions. Understanding the drug addict is even a harder task for someone who has never been in that situation before. Over the past few years, I have learned many things about drug and alcohol addiction and I am not even an addict myself. I do not even smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. I just happen to fall in love with someone that is an addict. Because of my self pride and shame to tell my family about his addictions, I was unable to seek and provide someone I love and care for very much with the support and help they needed. My situation was different than many others may be, because I was not married to this person and I had to make the choice to put them out of my life for the sake of my children. I still have contact with this person, they live in another state than I do, and because of his addictions and inability to get help, he ended up homeless and living on the streets for awhile. Now, he is jail serving time on probation violation. Knowing he is off the streets and not dead is a relief and that maybe while in jail, there may be a program offered that may help save him from himself.

What Causes Addiction?

Drug addicts can become very destructive individuals. They do not care who they hurt in the process of searching for their next "high." An addict will lie, steal, cheat and become very angry in the process while not realizing exactly how bad their behavior really is. "Baby Blue" as I will call him , told me once that he didn't like to be around other people that were using drugs when he wasn't using, because he couldn't handle their actions. So why would he continue to use and abuse drugs? That was hard for me to understand because I have never used drugs. I began searching for programs that could help him and along the way, I became very informed and began to understand why it is so hard for an addict to quit. To me, I never understood why anyone would start doing drugs to begin with. After reading some materials provided by Narconon, I was amazed that everything I was reading described the circumstances and behaviors of "Baby Blue." He was a loner in life, had been on the streets before. He was my high school sweetheart. He never married, I did twice. We were reunited a few years ago.Our hearts and souls still embedded deep inside each other. But I was fresh off the death of my husband, for it had only been a little over a year since he passed when I found out that "Baby Blue" was searching for me through an online reunion site. My decision to reunite proves that love is truly blind and of course, it hurts like hell in some cases. Little did I know, the long, hard road ahead was going to bring on challenges I had never been faced with before. And along with those challenges, came lots of heartbreak and tears, but not enough compassion or strength to save the relationship.


southcoast said...

Hi. nice blog.I do have plenty of family members with addictions, mainly alcohol. I try to deal with their attitude changes and give them advice when I see them sober if I do. It's hard especially when is someone close you love drug treament

Alcohol Intervention said...

I have seen plenty of alcohol interventions work

Intervention said...

I have also turned down interventions before. Some people do not require an intervention. You know what I mean?